Worlds Largest Container Vessel – CSCL Globe: What a challange!

CSCL Globe - 19.000 TEU

CSCL Globe – Source HHI

As Porttechnology International (PTI) reports today, the new record holder is the CSCL Globe with a capacity of 19.000 TEU. This CSCL Globe has a higher capacity than the previous record holder Mearsk’s Triple-E class with 18.000 TEU.

It is being built at Hyundai Heavy Industries in Korea.

So what is the challenge for the terminal on those gigantic vessels?

Obviously infrastructure! But also being able to handle them with the operational processes and thereby having a TOS that does not limit the operation. The RBS TOS does already enable terminals to handle very large vessels and does not have any limitation in size of vessel or amount of containers. With TOPS Expert we are going the next step and enable the terminal to better plan and – even more important – forecast their operations. With the TOPS SimOne module the terminal will have a full 3-D validation of the planning completely integrated with TOPS Expert. So you know yuor operations before you execute it.

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