Teluk Lamong (Indonesia) relies on RBS and Gaussin for Automation

Gaussin SA has announced the signing of a letter of intent with PT Terminal Teluk Lamong (TTL), a subsidiary of Pelindo, to extend and boost the activity of the group in Indonesia.

The letter was signed on December 29, 2014 and follows the signing of the first agreement in March, 2013 with Pelindo for the supply of 50 automated terminal tractor (ATT) lift diesel units and docking stations, which are now in operation in the TTL port in Surabaya.

Following the supply of 50 ATT lift diesel units and docking stations, TTL, the subsidiary of Pelindo that operates the terminal, now wishes to study the desirability of fully automating the terminal for heightened productivity and safety.

TTL and Gaussin have therefore signed a letter of intent that provides for the start of automatic tests and simulations for terminal automation.

These new agreements are aimed at addressing the increased demand for the automation of logistics operations and infrastructure work which is required for the economic

RBS installs its TOPS solution to manage the terminal of Teluk Lamong.

Based on Port Technology International, Gaussin in Teluk Lamong Venture.

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