Eat IT bite-sized? – The right smart planning

Logistics planning can be seen as a puzzle: it is fun to work on it, but it is also really hard to solve (by Dr. Leif Meier).

In reality– as for the puzzle – it is all about ‘winning the game’. Badly solved puzzles result in wasting time, money & resources while smart solutions allow to realize savings immediately – making the best use of your resources available right now.

Logistics (and puzzles) are dealing with ‚r’s at any time:

It is all about finding smart ways to deliver the right product (piece) at the right time to the right location but also to deliver the right quality and the right quantity, linked to the right information, within the right budget assigned to the right resource, i.e. people or machines executing the job.

While the information system basically stores the required information for decisions (providing puzzle pieces), the planner now has to make the right use of these information to define smart assignments (solving the puzzle).

How does your information system looks like?

The information system supports the puzzle process on different levels: it could make the planners life easier providing well-structured information, smart algorithms may even support with automated decisions or in a worst case, the information system may also add complexity to the process making puzzle solving even more difficult.

Bite size: The right smart planning

Bite size: The right smart planning

Modern information system are able to simplify the work for the whole organization and provide a key success factor to realize business benefits. RBS TOPS EXPERT smart terminal operating system combines well-structured information with automated decision support for each single process of the container terminal and manages the information flow in realtime. This allows terminals to maximize the utilization of cranes, make efficient use of yard resources and focus on the customer requirements. Simple, considering the fun while solving puzzles to win the game.

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