BTP completed successfully its first simultaneous operation

The Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP) has completed its first simultaneous operation, called phase-in / phase-out, which were made by the simultaneous discharging and loading two vessels.

Such an operation is called phase-in / phase-out and is used, when, for instance a vessel is intended to go to a shipyard, or when a vessel is replaced by another one within a service or a vessel is swapped between two services.

In this case, containers were interchanged between two vessels of two different Maersk services – from the Maersk Lebu (6,977 TEUs), which operates in the SAMBA service and the Maersk Lota (4,149 TEUs), which is part of the ASAS service.

The operation of the two vessels was performed with an average productivity of up to 30 moves / hour / quay crane and was completed after 52 hours. In addition, another vessel from the SAMBA service – the Maersk Lima – was operated at the same time.

For the phase-in / phase-out operation BTP run various test as preparation and to assure good performance and security levels at the quayside as well as within the yard, also to have solutions in place for potential bottlenecks.

In the preparation and operation different divisions and departments were involved such as Safety and Security, Information Technology, Operational Training, Maintenance and Operations.

With parallel operation of three vessels with high safety and productivity levels, BTP underlined that the terminal is ready for the handling of large services, as well as for complex vessel operation.


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