ISL reception at Sail 2015 in Bremerhaven

The ISL hosted an open house reception at the Sail 2015 in Bremerhaven, which is one of the biggest Tall Ship events globally.

ISL hosting receiption at Sail 2015

Splendid view from ISL office accross the Sail 2015 in Bremerhaven

Reception was hosted at the ISL office sharing a splendid view across the whole event. ISL Applications is a longtime partner of RBS. ISL Applications GmbH is a well-known and competent source for container logistics expertise, optimization and simulation with their application suite “CHESSCON“. Integrating CHESSCON with the terminal operating system can be a real benefit for terminals and a step forward in continuously improving efficiency and processes. The RBS TOS has successfully been integrated with CHESSCON TerminalView.


Thank you for the nice event!

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