Port of the month: Port of Marseille-Fos

This month hellenicshippingnews is taking everybody to the port of Marseille-Fos as their port of the month.

Seayard Container Terminal in Port of Marseille-Fos

Seayard Container Terminal in Port of Marseille-Fos

With the two locations in the City of Marseille and Fos-sur-Mer the port stretches over a big area. It is the second largest port in the Mediterranean and has developed into a multi-purpose port. The cargo ranges from gas and oil to container terminal.

Seayard is a joint venture between Terminal Investment Limited, APM Terminals and COSCO. It is one of the container terminals in Port of Marseille-FOS that has been newly build on the expansion FOS2XL. Seayard is equipped with modern technologies, integrated and automated processes such as DGPS and fully automated CAMCO gate system. On the new terminal Seayard runs a very efficient and performing straddle carrier Gateway operation. The terminal serves large and feeder vessels as well as barges, trucks and trains.

With the new build terminal Seayard implemented the RBS (TOS) terminal operating system TOPS Advance with both major modules TOPO and TOPX. The system is completly integrated to the local port community system AP+ and also has a high integration in the processes and operational control.

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