Evergreen commits to Marseille Fos

Evergreen Line has announced plans to replace its 8,500 teu ships calling at Fos’s Seayard terminal with 14,000 teu ones from 2017.

Evergreen France chairman James Tang made this announcement at at a ceremony to celebrate Evergreen’s decision to add its own ships to the Asia-Med-North Europe service to replace a slot arrangement with the CKYHE alliance.

“Evergreen never completely left Marseille,” he said, “we retained our office and, following the 2011 French port reforms, we reached the slot agreement with CKYH [alliance] which allowed us to maintain market share at Fos. Now, by positioning our own ships within the alliance, we have given ourselves the target of doubling our traffic.”

French ports in general and Marseille Fos in particular have struggled to shake off a reputation for strikes but are slowly winning back the confidence of customers.

“Taking account of the congestion which we observe in north European ports,” Tang said, “we join the strategic vision of Marseille Fos in positioning itself as a southern alternative to serve French and European markets.”

Source: http://container-mag.com/2016/05/23/evergreen-commits-to-marseille-fos/


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