SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) – VGM (Verified Gross Mass)

RBS has implemented the new rules for determining and reporting of the verified gross mass of containers at sea in to its Terminal Operating System TOPS. Within the RBS TOPS system VGM methodologies and requirements were implemented and necessary processes are adjusted to handle the VGM. TOPS is capable to process all corresponding inbound/outbound EDI messages which now contain the VGM (e.g.: COPARN, CODECO, COPRAR, COARRI, BAPLIE, VERMAS, etc.).

Major incidents and accidents, resulting from overweight containers, have prompted the international shipping community to take action in order to prevent incorrect weight declarations.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) in collaboration with industry representatives has, therefore, adopted specific rules as part of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention.

They apply from 1 July 2016th.

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