European Transport Conference 2016 in Barcelona

From 05th till 07th October 2016 the European Transport Conference (ETC) takes place in Barcelona. The conference aims to put research, policy and practice together on a European level. The conference assembles more than 260 paper in five major themes over three days:

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Equity in Transport
  • Sustainable Economy
  • National Travel Surveys
  • Extreme Weather Events and Resilience of Cities

One interesting approach you will find on Thursday 06th October in the paper on “Container Terminals Hinterland Transport in Cities” (by Prof. em. Jens Froese and Svenja Töter). How can the port traffic and truck transport be more streamlined in ports? How can technology and information exchange support the efficiency? What does an advanced terminal operating system help? Questions to be answered in the conference.

Hamburg Port

Hamburg Port

For more Information, please check the conference program.

Venue: Casa Convalescencia, Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 171, Barcelona, 08041, Spain

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