Maintenance and Support

Application Management and Support Services

RBS offers a maintenance and support service that includes a 24x7x365 helpdesk center, technical support and free M&S upgrades to new versions of the application. TOPS system software maintenance involves version control of system software, implementation of fixes, patches and software upgrade planning. RBS continually maintains and updates the TOPS Documentation to ensure that it reflects the most recent version of the system functions.

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The regional offices run the RBS global support organization for the customers and the 2nd and 3rd level support is located in the RBS head office in Sydney. The regional office handles all 1st level issues and manages the ticket pipeline. The 2nd and 3rd level support handles the deeper analysis of the issues and supplies the fixes, patches and releases. The RBS head office is located in Sydney, Australia. Above all RBS runs local offices in Germany (RBS EMEA), Brazil, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. The Help Desk will be the focal point of contact for all issues relating to the services provided by RBS.

Support Tool

The RBS Support Tool is a centralized solution provided to RBS EMEA customers to report issues with the RBS software. The RBS Support Tool is used by the TOPS Users/RBS Customers to create, manage and follow up incidents, bugs and issues related to the RBS software. The tickets will contain a detailed problem description and are created in the RBS Support Tool, i.e. the central ticketing system itself, or by sending an email to a dedicated support email address.
By default all incoming tickets will be reviewed by RBS EMEA or the local office. RBS EMEA or the local office will place tickets into the queue of RBS Sydney for further processing.
In urgent cases the RBS Support in Sydney is always available on the 24/7 hotline by phone. By agreement this way should be reserved for very critical issues.


The RBS support tools provides a complete overview of all enquiries with ticket numbers and consistent documentation. The tools generates convincing reports and/or statistics with previews which are displayed at the dashboard or which can easily be exported as CSV/PDF documents. By using the search function you can customize your reports to specific needs and demands – considering all kinds of tickets and enquiries.
Basically the regional office prepares a regular support report to summarize the support activities of the past month(s). This report is send to terminal and IT management of the customers.

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You can enjoy quality technical support and customer services by our highly skilled maintenance and support  experts.

Fast Response Times

RBS provides fast problem resolution by phone for all “Severity 1” situations—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Software Updates

An active software maintenance policy ensures that the clients continuously to receive all the latest software updates.

Online Ticket System

You can have unlimited access to our online ticket system where you can submit and track any new and previous support cases.

Remote Assistance

You can access to the remote assistance for demo, installation, product configuration, product upgrade, technical supports, etc.

High Quality Services

The quality of the RBS support service is constantly and continuously measured and improved. RBS takes pride in the quick resolution of any issues so that you can stay productive.

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