A TOS for everyone?

Harry Nguyen introducing the new TOPS Expert Cloud to the public at TechTOC in Hamburg

A real TOS is only something if you are bigger than 200.000 TEU!?!

Why shouldn't every terminal have the possibility to run with a fully functional and state-of-the-art terminal operating system?

Why should a TOS for a small terminal be out of budget on the investment? Is a small terminal not worth having the best features available to optimise processes and operations?

Does a small or medium terminal gain less from automated processes and decision support in the operations?

All these questions have been asked when evaluating the terminal operating system solution and designing the new TOS for the market. Our answer is clear, ever terminal today should have the chance to run a fully operational TOS. Throughput might be slower or just less in numbers, however savings and efficiency benefit lies in every little process, so the benefit applies also to small terminals.

We say YES! Also every small terminal should have a full TOS and should pay for as it is used… per TEU. If you also say YES, contact us about TOPS Expert Cloud. With TOPS Expert Cloud you get a full terminal operating system that supports all your processes and helps optimizing and automating these. It comes with all the common features from automated yard and vessel planning to equipment control and EDI interfacing. It allows full integration with third party solutions through webservices interfaces. This is not a half TOS!

A real TOS is only something if you are bigger than 200.000 TEU!

TechTOC Program: Operational Expertise 4.0[/caption] RBS Group CEO, Harry Nguyen, has introduced the new TOPS Expert Cloud solution to the public in his speech at TechTOC in Hamburg. He was speaking as a very enthusiastic part of the session “Operational Excellence 4.0: Getting Smart with Software, Systems and Sensors”. Read more in the coming news about the benefit and features you have with using TOPS Expert and our Cloud solution.

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