BTP starts the year with record productivity levels

In January this year, average productivity reached a new high, beating our previous record of 34.11 MPH/STS in May 2015.

Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP) started 2016 by setting two new records for container handling. In January this year, average productivity reached 35.66 MPH/STS (movements per hour per portainer – STS), beating our previous record of 34.11 MPH/STS in May 2015. In February this year, the team beat the record for a ship with 206.82 movements per hour while unloading and loading MSC Geneva, which corresponds to an average 44.53 MPH per port equipment (STS).

Since start of operations in November 2013, BTP has been boosting productivity. “Consistent work is even more important than breaking records, that includes safety, optimized processes, innovation and excellence in customer service,” said CEO Antonio Passaro.

The terminal’s operations manager Marcelo Patrício said that planning is one of the secrets to post good operating numbers. “BTP operations have matured over time. Since last year, we have stepped up our work preparing and reviewing yard strategies and streamlining processes,” he said. “Added to this, we are again investing in manpower with continuous training and qualification at our Operational Training Centre (CTO).” In 2016, BTP is preparing to add 20% more training slots for a total 30,500 training and retraining hours.

According to head of terminal operations João Mendes, one of the priorities set by the company for this year is higher productivity. “We know that agility in providing services together with less bureaucracy is a crucial factor to get back to growth and ensure competitiveness for the sector. In this respect, BTP has sought to innovate. In addition to internal initiatives, we will be joining forces to get authorized operator certification (OEA) which will lead to a more agile and faster flow of cargo movement for BTP.” OEA certification from Brazil’s federal tax authority recognizes companies in the international supply chain that show low levels of risk in their operations.

“Our medium-term vision is to achieve international standards for port operations and take Port of Santos to world-class levels of productivity,” concludes the executive. MSC Geneva record The 283-meter long MSC Geneva docked at the terminal’s number 3 berth on Wednesday (10). A total of 1,980 containers were moved.

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