First automated RTG Terminal TPKS with TOPX in control

The world’s first automated RTG (ARTG) terminal TPKS with Konecranes 16-wheel ARTGs (reported in WCN2015) runs with the RBS TOPS System.

The world’s first automated RTG (ARTG) terminal TPKS with Konecranes 16-wheel ARTGs (reported in WCN2015) runs with the RBS TOPS System. The TOPX System takes full control over the operational process. The new ARTGs are six plus truck lane wide and stack 1 over 5 high. The ramp up began in mid-2016 and the cranes went in operation end-2016. The 11 Konecranes ARTGs have remote operation stations for the drivers to perform the final landing on trucks and tractors.

Accoring to TPKS the ARTGs now manage to perform at a level of 15 moves per hour. The cranes have demonstrated to pick up to 20 moves per hour.

As WorldCargo News article states, the TOS integration has been very good and Konecranes steadily addresses the areas for optimization. "Automated RTGs are opening up a complete new perspective on Investments into stacking Automation for terminal operators that are not building a new terminal. The upgrade can be possible in a running terminal with less infrastructure upgrades needed“, comments Norbert Klettner (Managing Director of RBS EMEA Office).

TPKS runs the RBS terminal operating system (TOS) TOPX which is the operational module of the TOPS solution. RBS has a long history in automating terminals with the first automated RMG terminal implemented in 2005 at OI5 terminal in Tokyo. For this project at TPKS we have developed a new module for ARTG automation to operate in combination with manual RTGs and reach stackers. The layout and the traffic condition did put a ot of restrictions on the flow. The trucks and internal trailers are served by the ARTGs in the normal truck lanes to minimize long distance travelling of the ARTGs with load.

RBS is now in the fine-tuning of the system to optimize the flow and the stacking and maximize the ARTG utilization. “RBS is very proud to be part of this world’s first ARTG implementation and the success with TPKS and Konecranes”, Harry Nguyen (RBS founder and CEO) said.

RBS has more implementations running with Konecranes electric RTGs such as the Lomé Container Terminal (LCT). As a last devleopment RBS has introduced the first full TOS System running in the cloud with a pay-per-TEU model. Check with us on the opportunities to enhance your terminal without upfront license invest. Check for TOPS Expert Cloud.

Also read more at WorldCargo News and porttechnology (PTI). Or check the Konecranes case study on ARTGs. In the phase II TPKS is confident to include 9 more Konecranes ARTGs into operations.

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