Port and Terminal Consulting

Container Terminal Optimization: Terminal related consultancy services

Besides the TOPS product, RBS EMEA offers a wide range of terminal related consultancy services, which are required in any TOS project. Those range from design, feasibility studies, process development and process optimisation during all phases of the lifecycle of container terminals – from inception to completion. RBS EMEA supports terminals to identify the optimal design of a terminal, e.g using simulation and emulation of terminal operations during feasibility, design and optimisation phases.

RBS EMEA provides operational audits and reviews, in order to eliminate bottlenecks and better manage operation within the physical constraints of the terminal. Last but not least, RBS EMEA has available experts for the design, delivery and implementation of server, network infrastructure and data Centers.

Container Terminal Optimization

RBS EMEA is a Hamburg based independent business consultancy company with an international reputation in the area of TOS implementation projects, management, TOS testing, IT solutions and services to sea terminals and hinterland terminals.

Container Terminal Optimization: Team

The RBS EMEA experts have long track records careers in the field of TOS implementation projects and terminal operation and have successfully fulfilled lead positions ranging from operator to port authority and from engineer to project manager. All team members have terminal operation background, as well as IT expertise, are multilingual and hold international project experience.

Container Terminal Optimization: Consultants

RBS EMEA is working together with a wide range of experts and consultants – each of which has a vast expertise within their core field of business, e.g. in Java – Microsoft – SAP and integration with certified solutions and products, focussing on industries like machinery construction, insurance industry, public sector, social service and healthcare, as well as logistics.

Innovative and proven TOS systems for Container Terminal Automation

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Primary Benefits of TOPS Expert Cloud

Our consultancy services consisting of operational reviews are your guarantee to keep pace with our applications’ evolutions and help your staff to exploit all available Features.

Expertise and Knowledge

RBS EMEA has access to an extensive pool of knowledge including more than 600 consultant experts – whether this is their understanding of customers’ needs and the business environment or the skills and experience of staff. This knowledge is central to the ability to develop and execute a project successfully.

Tailor-made Collaboration

RBS EMEA supports teamwork and collaboration across teams and regions, facilitating great ideas, and leveraging the resources the company has to offer at the core of their strategy, which ultimately delivers our company’s entire capabilities to our clients.


It keeps the organization true to its identity, vision and values. It motivates staff and clients by exhibiting quality leadership, contributing to the impact of the work undertaken by the project team. It  reassures stakeholders about the way the project is being run, maintaining and enhancing confidence in the successful execution of a project.

Maximizing Profits

RBS EMEA can help a container terminal operator to maximize the productivity and efficiency of a terminal, be it a new startup or an established company.  It is essential to have access to the right information, knowledge, and assistance. Port consulting services can be used by both small and large operations to help prosper even during a weak economic climate. To remain competitive and profitable requires a lot more than just being able to organize a workforce. By using an outside consultancy, advice can be given, which is not tied to emotional associations.

Distance from Daily Business

RBS EMEA knows that not all managers are able to take a step back and to analyze in detail the way in which their companies function. Being able to identify both strengths and weaknesses is important, knowing where there is scope for improvement that can help to ensure a company to continue to prosper. It is all too easy for people in senior positions to take on so much responsibility that important aspects of running a business get overlooked. Hiring consulting services, a plan of action can be put forward that encompasses all factors and considerations that would impact a business’ success.

Industry Knowledge

RBS EMEA is aware that it is not easy to determine how and when to make crucial decisions. Our consulting experts know the industry and understand what it takes to help make your company succeed. Being able to leverage this expertise when making important decisions can help in ensuring competition is dominated and progress is constant. Our consultants are forward thinkers, who can put forward various scenarios that may arise depending on the decisions chosen today.

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