Indonesian ports and terminals – TPS Terminal

The Indonesian government has been pushing the port and terminal expansion over the past years a lot. There has been a lot new development with examples like the first automated terminals in [...]

RBS and PTI at TOC in Hamburg

Port Technology (PTI)  visited us once again this year at TOC in Hamburg to talk about the new things at RBS. Discussing about our new cloud based terminal operating system “TOPS Expert [...]

Mega-ships and the challenges

New records for the worlds largest container ship are almost set every month and there is still more in the order books of the big ship yards. How does this affect terminals? How do they cope [...]

Case Study: automation solution with RBS TOPS

As part of an infrastructure initiative by the Indonesian goverment new automated terminals are constructed in the contry. The RBS terminal operating system TOPS is part of the solution on two [...]

Process Automation on Container Terminals

In our approach to move the terminal industry further and help with more efficiency and reliability, we are tackeling the next step in automation: Business Rules for Process Automation. Certain [...]

Outstanding performance at APMT Yokohama Terminal

APMT Terminals are ahead in the performance listings. Outstanding is once again the APMT terminal in Yokohama. RBS is proud to be part of that success. The APMT terminals in Yokohama is running [...]