TOPS Expert

The Most Advanced Terminal Operating System for the Container Handling Industry

The new RBS terminal operating System for container terminal automation: Based on the positive consolidated feedback from the clients, own experience and new ideas, RBS has developed the latest version of the "TOPS Expert" TOS application. The new system name will be TOPS Expert, focusing on an even more solid system architecture. RBS is now offering a true real-time TOS, with new functionalities such as automatic search and very quick navigation of the vessel planning system.

RBS enables a terminal to use ‘Big Data’ as a vital part of the day-to-day operation and container terminal management. The smart solutions in TOPS Expert will increase customer service, using resources more efficiently, increasing revenue and contributing to the Environment.

Using new and smart algorithms to automate the berth planning, enhances the future operation from the beginning of the planning process down to the actual execution. This unique automated process, as well as the new intelligent algorithms, uses all available data, such as estimated discharge distances, location of load cargo, and many more.

Berthing decision are based on Big Data, smart calculations and brilliant visualization, making the daily tasks of your planners more effective and more efficient.

Highly sophisticated, practice proven algorithms, together with  the unique RBS in-memory architecture, are the basis for true berth optimization, anticipating yard strategy, making berth planning more efficient and allowing an optimized equipment control.

TOPS Expert enables terminals to actually foresee what is going to happen during operations, avoiding unexpected events and improving speed, reducing turnaround times and increasing quality and service Levels.

Data Integration: Reporting Tool

TOPS Expert has fully flexible integrated reporting facilities ranging from a ad-hoc reporting to a new report deigner. This allows the user to design own reports and plug them into the report scheduler. In addition to the classical reporting RBS has integared a new module to enable terminals setup BI reports as part of TOPS Expert.

Yard Planning: Using Big Data

RBS has also integrated new heuristic algorithms, which enable the system to e.g. perform data handling using ‘Big Data’ Analysis. With real-time planning and data availability the automated yard planning is constantly optimizing the operations.

SMART Algorithms: Automated Berth Planning

The new automated berth planning feature is included in the TOPX Expert version, which aims to set the standard for integrated planning. The smart algorithms are considering current and future situations in real-time and allow opimized planning using AI.

Innovative and proven TOS systems for Container Terminal Automation

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TOPS Expert Optional Modules

Further improve your terminal with TOPS Expert Optional Modules

Despite the already vast features that TOPS Expert Cloud & Enterprise provide, RBS has invested in the development of various optional modules to cater for any terminals Needs.

Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)

DGPS has taken advantage over the Internet of Things to transform the way containers enter and depart the terminal. Why wait? Revolutionize your terminal now.

Containers stored temporarily by the use of visual means and are manually confirmed, lead to an error rate in the storage handling, compromising the efficient turnover time of the container ships. To counteract these implications, Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) are used to avoid misplacement of container/s, help with equipment routing, and optimize dispatch of WI. It operates by sending lift and set down messages to the TOPX RTG (EC) application, enabling the automatic steering of particular vehicles and cranes, hence providing greater control and accuracy of the positioning and documentation of containers within the terminal.

The features of the DGPS are:

  • Picking a container: the system can verify if the correct container has been picked
  • Placing a container: the system can verify if the container has been placed in the correct planned location if not, it can commence a dialogue with the operator for exception handling
  • Does not rely on CHE operator confirming container location (which is often incorrect)
  • Automatically records when CHE operator completes a move
  • Absolute correct container locations
Truck Appointment

This module involves processing EDI messages through TOPO where external customers can create an appointment that notifies the terminal that a container will be arriving by truck. It does not require a specified date or time frame. This module is specifically important for liners and truckers to know the location and information of a container to be processed by truck.

Reefer Monitoring Integration

TOPS Expert allows for easy monitoring and control of Reefer Containers.

TOPS-REFCON interface software communicates with the REFCON system supplied by EMERSON Climate Technologies. Reefer container temperatures must be checked and recorded from time to time. They must also be plugged in if they are to be stored in the yard for a considerable period and need to be unplugged before being moved. TOPS-REFCON interface was developed to automatically exchange reefer container information between TOPS and the Reefer Monitoring System and is based on a message set provided by EMERSON Climate Technologies. The exchange of message is in a two-way flow:

  • TOPS continuously receives live temperature data for the reefer containers being monitored by REFCON in the reefer stands and also administrative requests from REFCON
  • REFCON continually receives messages from TOPS administrative details for the reefer containers located in the REFCON monitored reefer stands
Gate Operating System Interface (GOS)

TOPS Expert GOS Module interfaces with various third-party Gate Operating Systems, facilitating only optimal performance at terminals in and out gates. It automatically processes trucks entering and leaving the terminal and is used to record trucks at the transfer areas. TOPS receives information from the GOS then validates and stores this information, prompting the delivery of a validation message back to the GOS. This is executed for both the in and out gate procedures at a terminal. For the transfer areas, the truck drivers can scan their GOS ID cards, and all these records are passed to TOPS where EC utilizes this information to operate the truck.

Web Report Server

This TOPO Report Server is a standalone background application that controls the execution of reports automatically. Reports are initiated form the TOPO Expert application and the requests are stored on the database from where the report sever selects reports for execution as other reports are completed. It creates reports based on the TOPS database and store reports in the users selected folder in their directory.  This application also allows an administrator to monitor the report server’s activity.

Web Service Interface with Third Party Software

TOPS Expert can easily be customizable to suit all terminals and their existing software.

TOPS Expert is a versatile system compatible with third-party software, as it seamlessly retrieves, interprets and sends data to execute daily operations within a terminal. The current TOPS Expert can coexist with third-party software without any impact hindering the functionalities in the current system which is reflective in the modules; billings, ERP, equipment, proprietary EDI, container, vessel, customs, etc. In the case of integrating third-party software, a configuration is required which comes at an additional cost. However, it is highly recommended to adopt the full packaged TOPS Expert Cloud as it is not only at lower costs, but will ensure solutions are generated in real-time and maximum operational efficiency is reached within a terminal.

Throughput & Productivity

The TOPS terminal operating system improves the efficiency of any terminal’s operation, leading to higher productivity due to increased number of container moves, resulting in a more efficient and profitable operation.


TOPS enables any terminals to do more with less by incorporating various “true automation” features – e.g. the built-in optimization engine has access to all terminal/container information, enabling automated optimization of container moves.


TOPS is the most stable and most reliable system, which is an important requirement for a mission critical system at any terminal. TOPS terminal operating system performs with responsiveness, regardless of workload or system demand.

Increasing Revenues

TOPS enables a more efficient use of all terminal assets, ensuring more throughput and higher productivities – e.g. the automatic linking of yard activity and vessel container movements to the billing system  ensures a much faster billing process, improving the terminal’s cash flow.

Improving Customer Service

TOPS allows a quick and efficient record and management of all aspects of container movements throughout the terminal, increasing productivity and enhancing the delivery of services to your customers.


A powerful feature of TOPS is that it can be configured to operate multiple terminal locations. TOPS` scalability allows to run small terminals and also those with expanding operations. Its connectivity allows it to be connected with any peripheral devices required by the terminal.


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