RBS Services

The strength of RBS EMEA are the focus, the people and the solutions. RBS EMEA focuses exclusively on the maritime industry: ports and terminals. All staff has ample and practice proven experience delivering expert services and solutions to maritime industry clients. Each and every staff member has gathered experience and expertise working on port and terminal projects in various locations around the globe.

Project Management, Implementation and Training

The RBS EMEA team is a group of experienced project managers with global industry expertise in implementing complex projects, following the IPMA (International Project Management Association) approach. TOS Implementation is obviously part of the service. Our team also trains staff in port, terminal and TOS processes.

Port and Terminal Consulting

The RBS EMEA team offers a the full scope of terminal related consultancy services, including, but not limited to, process definition, process review and optimization, as well as operational and IT auditing – able to cover projects in the entire maritime container terminal Industry.

Maintenance and Support

RBS is committed to provide world-class, best-practice technical support services. The global TOPS Technical Help Desk is located in Sydney with regional support offices in Europe, South America and Asia. The TOPS Help Desk is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


RBS EMEA provides a scalable solution following the terminal’s pace of growth, without limiting in any way the terminal operator’s ambitions and without the burden of continuously investing in new software and hardware. We can provide full IT turnkey Solutions with a container data center as well as a full BI solution for your terminal.

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