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RBS EMEA represents the RBS group in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, handling the projects and taking care of the clients in this region. We are a group of well experienced people with an in-Depth industry knowledge. We have been dealing with terminal operation systems in various projects and cases and are coming with a strong methodology approach towards all our projects. Our new terminal operating System TOPS Expert Cloud is the first ever Cloud solutions on the market. Use our cloud TOS with Zero license investement and a pay-per-use (TEU) model.

Together with our clients, over the past few years we have been implementing the RBS TOPS system at various terminals. Throughout the entire life cycle of all our projects we have been working very close with our clients, helping them to successfully enhance their operations. Our offices are in Hamburg and Bremen, right in the middle of the European port and logistics industry. Our terminal operating system and our experience help to drive efficiency.


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With the Successfull Installation of TOPS


Maritime Container Terminals

TOPS is the most advanced and flexible terminal planning and operating System available on the market for small to large maritime container terminals. The TOPS System is fully integrated and covers every aspect of terminal operations. With the Option of the on-premises terminal operating system TOPS Expert for larger terminals and the TOPS Expert Cloud solution for smaller terminals we can support all sizes with a full TOS.

Inland Container Terminals

TOPS lets terminal Operators plan, track and manage containers, Equipment and People - the best solution to manage all activities on an Inland terminal and around the Depot Yard. Gate Management processes, order Management and Integration with gate Systems are a vital part of our terminal operating System. The GOS Integration plays and important role for Inland terminals.

Rail Container Terminals

A full rail planning system is an integrated part of TOPS. It provides a rail Operator with the full Suite of operational Tools to manage rail terminals of any size with regard to planning, operations and Management. Long-term customer in Australia to manage their rail terminals with TOPS.

Project Management, Implementation and Training

The RBS EMEA team assembles a group of experienced project managers with industry expertise as well as experience in complex projects throughout the container terminal industry. As a project management standard we follow the IPMA (International Project Management Association) approach and have our team IPMA certified.

Port and Terminal Consulting

The RBS EMEA team offers the full scope of terminal related consultancy services, including, but not limited to, process definition, process review and optimization, as well as operational and IT auditing – able to cover projects in the entire maritime container terminal Industry.

Maintenance and Support

Providing Support for business problems and process based applciation management. RBS is committed to provide world-class, best-practice technical support services. The global TOPS Technical Help Desk is located in Sydney with regional support offices in Europe, South America and Asia. The TOPS Help Desk is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


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Excited to learn more about RBS EMEA? Learn about the best terminal management system? Looking forward to discuss your project? We will be happy to listen and discover together with you how you can benefit from our expertise and experience.

Primary Benefits

The TOPS Suite handles every aspect of container terminal operations. From planning to operations and on to optimization, TOPS automates terminal operations to improve productivity, to raise throughout and to improve customer Service. Specific Benefits are as follows.

Throughput & Productivity

The TOPS terminal operating system improves the efficiency of any terminal’s operation, leading to higher productivity due to increased number of container moves, resulting in a more efficient and profitable operation.


TOPS enables any terminals to do more with less by incorporating various “true automation” features – e.g. the built-in optimization engine has access to all terminal/container information, enabling automated optimization of container moves.


TOPS is the most stable and most reliable system, which is an important requirement for a mission critical system at any terminal. TOPS terminal operating system performs with responsiveness, regardless of workload or system demand.

Increasing Revenues

TOPS enables a more efficient use of all terminal assets, ensuring more throughput and higher productivities – e.g. the automatic linking of yard activity and vessel container movements to the billing system ensures a much faster billing process, improving the terminal’s cash flow.

Improving Customer Service

TOPS allows a quick and efficient record and management of all aspects of container movements throughout the terminal, increasing productivity and enhancing the delivery of services to your customers.


A powerful feature of TOPS is that it can be configured to operate multiple terminal locations. TOPS` scalability allows to run small terminals and also those with expanding operations. Its connectivity allows it to be connected with any peripheral devices required by the terminal.

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