Container Terminal Planning

Container Terminal Planning

The container shipping industry, the backbone of the global economy supply chain, continues to grow, to adapt, and to change. It is without controversy that the containerization has become the preferred mode for maritime shipping and inland transportation. It is also evident that the rapid growth in foreign trade using sea going vessels focuses in improving the infrastructure and operational efficiencies at container terminals and port facilities.

Consultants and engineers providing planning and services to the terminal industry must understand the direction of these developments and the corresponding changes of requirements, in order to accurately predict the long-range impacts on vessel, berth, and terminal design.

Due to the fact that decisions of port infrastructure are always long-term investments a careful and precise terminal planning is essential to fulfill international market requirements as well as shareholder expectations in the same way.

As any other terminal, a container terminal is a complex system that functions only efficiently when its layout is designed and planned in such a way that the loading and discharging process of vessels runs smoothly.

Terminals operate as central nodes in worldwide hub-and-spoke networks and link sea-going vessels with smaller feeder vessels, as well as with inbound and outbound hinterland transportation systems using road, rail, or inland waterways.

Stimulated by capacity and throughput requirements and an increasing competition between terminals located in the same region, cost efficiency and throughput capabilities become more and more important.

Container terminal planning focuses on planning activities being aimed at “order of magnitude improvements” in terminal performance and economic viability.

Apart from the terminal layout and design of a terminal, the operational concept, the equipment setup as well as the IT systems (e.g.: TOS, GOS, etc.) are important parameters from the container terminal planning perspective.


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