Gate Operating System

Gate Operating System

A Gate Operating System (GOS) is software specifically developed to manage and steer complete gate processes and sub-processes, which are active in modern terminal operations. It comprises of multiple software modules, some of them being customer specific software developments and others generic building blocks customized through configuration. It takes care of all interfaces with the installed systems and sub-systems, and with the TOS, as well with possible other host systems (Customs, access control, etc.).

The GOS is the most complete software tool available in the market providing terminals the capacity to increase the efficiency and productivity while limiting the operational costs.

Some of the GOS systems are also capable to manage automatic gate facilities at cargo facilities like container terminals or cargo depots. Within gate automation, truck data (e.g. license plate number, driver’s licenses, etc.) will be captured automatically and trucks are guided through a specific process, passing pedestals and screens. It is based on the principle of making it possible to process the truck without having the drivers to get out of their truck and enabling “Driver-Self-Service” facilities.


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